ARET Venue

The ARET 2022 international conference is scheduled to conduct at Kolkata, India.

‘Kôlikata’ is the original word from where ‘Kolkata’ has originated. It is actually the Bengali name of one of the 3 villages of that place. Also, it is known that the name was derived from a place called ‘Kalighat’ while another theory says that it is a variation of ‘Kalikkhetrô’. The city was earlier known as ‘Calcutta’ and is the capital of West Bengal. The state borders with Bangladesh and is known to be the main educational, cultural and commercial center of East India years back. In addition to this, the Port of Kolkata is considered to be oldest operating port and today the city is also known as the cultural capital of India.

Kolkata is known as “City Of Joy” and is sprawled across north-south along the east bank of the river Hooghly. According to the facts, the city originally was a wetland but over the years, the place has been flooded with the people. The other undeveloped area comes under East Kolkata Wetlands, with alluvial soil and water in there. With this, the basin of Bengal basically consists of three structural unit namely central hinge or shelf/slope break, shelf or platform in the west and a pericratonic tertiary basin. When talking about the location of Kolkata, it is situated right atop the hinge zone’s western part that is in the more than 20 kilometers of area.

Due to its magnificent landscape, historical sites and many other beautiful tourist attractions, Kolkata is known as one of the best tourist destinations in India.